In some of my vlogs I have mentioned that I have been really busy with some exciting projects. Therefore I wasn’t that active on my social platforms, but now finally, I can share the exciting news with you guys. I am launching the vegan & sustainable fashion brand Noumenon this summer! It has always been a dream of mine to start something for myself and to be independent. A dream that seemed too big and unreal for a long time.

Last year during my graduation at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute I started working on this idea, just writing some thoughts down on paper, visiting some fabric shows and designing a capsule collection. However it was something I could not focus on hundred percent because I also had to graduate and do research for my thesis. After graduation, I focused on it completely and picked up from where I left it. I was so excited to start up a fashion brand, but at the same time I was terrified. Because I had made it difficult for myself to source organic/sustainable & fair trade fabrics only. AND I wanted my manufacturers to produce under fair conditions, without exploiting people. This was different from how the majority of the fashion businesses’ operate today, it was therefore scary to do something different than the usual way. Sometimes it was very different from what I had learnt at my fashion school, which left me with lots of questions about how to pull this through. But at the same time it felt like I was going for something that just felt like the right thing to do at the right time.

The fact that I was operating in a rather complicated market did not stop me to continue and find the right suppliers with the right fabric certificates. It therefore took me a lot of patience to find the right suppliers and manufactures, and even the right trade shows for the ideas that I had in relation to veganism and sustainability. For me it was not only about it being a vegan, sustainable & fair trade collection, it had to be something that women would simply love to wear on a daily basis, with that little bit of extra. It had to connect the inner intelligent voice of a woman with her outside appearance.

Noumenon – An object implied by intuition.

A mindful vegan & sustainable fashion brand. The brand strongly believes that ethics and style go together perfectly and that an ethical aspect of a garment can make it even more beautiful.

The debut collection is a capsule collection of nineteen garments made from 100% natural and breathable linens, hemp, lyocell and surplus fabrics. It represents the wardrobe of a conscious woman, who is into retro-inspired and timeless styles. She goes to work in an elegant blouse and thrifted mom jeans, and enters a festival after work in a retro futuristic jumpsuit and a lazy long jacket. She is not afraid to express herself and mix different styles together, but she does this with a certain sense of class. She is wearing Noumenon.

Below some backstage images of our photoshoot:

SAM_1758 copy.jpg





Join the world of Noumenon and follow its sustainable and courageous journey by visiting and liking its Facebook Page or Instagram: @noumenon_amsterdam

Have a lovely and inspiring Sunday, Peace & Love,


mattnattdenaWhen you become a vegan, there are several things that nobody tells you, which in my opinion are quite important when you are a person who is into fashion. It is the fact that you don’t wear any leather anymore, because you aim to become a cruelty-free consumer. And this is quite difficult as the majority of bags and shoes are made from real leather. After researching a little more about this topic, I have discovered some environmental issues which are related to leather. First of all leather has been the skin of an animal, and I don’t know about you but I think it is quite disgusting to wear someone’s skin. Secondly, the animals are not the only ones who are suffering from the high demand of leather. The modern day tanning process which is used to prevent the leather from decomposing uses extremely toxic chemicals, many of which are known carcinogens. Formaldehyde, cyanide, lead, and chromium are all used in different tanneries around the world, and these dangerous toxins are released into waterways during the manufacturing process. Many people working within this environment tend to get serious illness. Also, the extreme amounts of chemicals used in order to create the desired finish, make it impossible for the leather to biodegrade. If you are not a vegan, some alternatives to this are second hand leather, or buying from companies that recycle existing leather and other companies that are using less chemical tanning processes, that is great, however there are just a few of them. But it you are vegan, it is extremely hard to find fashionable vegan shoes and bags. Stella McCartney is one of the first premium brands that does not use any leather or fur in their collections. Which is great, but also a little sad that there is only one brand that does vegan in a fashionable way. Luckily I have recently discovered a very cool vegan accessories brand Matt&Nat from Canada. They don’t use any animal based materials in their products and the bags look very fashionable too. The brand has been experimenting with different recycled materials such as recycled nylons, cardboard, rubber and cork. Since 2007 they started using linings only made out of 100% recycled plastic bottles. In the picture above I have made a selection of several of my faves, have a look on their webshop for the vegan bag heaven.

First of all, Happy New Year! To start off 2016 in a good way, I have a nice resolution tip for you guys: invest in sustainable fashion and in good causes! A former colleague, Sunny Coopman, has set up an exciting project which uses ethical and sustainable T-shirts in order to support development projects and organisations. This means that for each T-shirt that you purchase on their webshop Amartya, 100% of the profit goes to the The School Club Zambia (SCZ), which is a Zambian NGO that partners with local schools that envision a Zambia where every child has access to high quality, vocational and creative education and where education leads to job security and life opportunities for the nation’s youth. Besides that, Sunny herself is going to volunteer in Zambia for this organisation, and will be involved within the whole process. What a great way to use fashion for a better cause. The T-shirts are also FairWear, made from Organic Cotton and the printing of the T-shirts is environmentally friendly. Below you can see some of my faves, they have Tees for women and men, go check them out and have a great year.

Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 10.54.481504_1263707033655610_174184732093773207_n

After years of my fast fashion addiction, I came to a point where big piles of clothing were taking over my bedroom space, one closet apparently wasn’t enough, so I got another one, and then also rack! This had to stop, so I started selling my clothes at this gigantic second hand market called the IJhallen. From this moment on, I noticed how unsustainable my clothing behaviour has become. Ofcourse this also partly had to do with my previous jobs as a fashion sales assistant in my teen years, with all the great discounts, which ended up in gigantic amounts of clothing, which would be enough to dress up my whole city. My fashion addiction had to be balanced out, I started to become more aware of what I had in my closet and also slowly (after watching documentaries like The True Cost of Fashion) started getting interested in the origin of my garments. What about the people behind the garments, did they have a good workin environment? How about their wages? What’s this made off? Does it contain chemicals? I started to become less selfish in a way, which might also have something to do with my age, entering the late twenties here (shh, don’t tell!). This behaviour led to a point where I just STOPPED buying any fast fashion! It was cheap and trendy, yes that is nice, but at what cost? I am now only interested in sustainable/ethical brands, thrifshop/vintage, handmade and my own made garments, when I really NEED anything. YES, this is all coming from an ex-shopaholic. Do you want to know why fast fashion sucks and if you are interested in making the world a better place, please watch my vlog below and let me know what you think. Have a lovely (and hopefully ethical) Monday!


On a semi-rainy day in Amsterdam I decided to check out this place I have been wanting to visit for a while, which is called Venkel, also known as fennel in English. Their menu is like a fresh breeze to someone who has been in a “healthy” food rut for some time. They offer exciting fall salads and refreshing smoothies with a twist. I had a smoothie with spinach, apples, ginger & basil. At first it sounded a bit strange to me, but the taste was very fresh and energetic. Vitamins and fruitsugar give me a natural “high”, so I felt like doing a little look of the day shoot along the way. As you can see, with some sillyness on the side, I just can’t help it, good food makes me want to dance and smile all day🙂 And for the conscious fashionistas who are interested in what I am wearing: most of it is retro from the 90’s. Retro Jean Paul Gaultier blazer, Karl Lagerfeld white button up shirt, patched vintage jeans (love these, you can find many of these type of jeans at thrift shops) & classic stilettos, which I have been owning for a while. I’m recycling all the way, and inventing new looks with an old wardrobe. What is your favourite thrift shop / sustainable fashion find?

Last Friday I went to the Strawberry Earth Sustainability Fair, it was such a pleasure seeing so many innovative ideas and talking with creatives within this field. I felt so inspired afterwards, especially after the talkshow with Safia Minney, the CEO from People Tree and Andrew Morgan, the director of the film True Cost. I would definitely recommend you to see that documentary, it is truly eye opening! You can find it on Netflix. For now, you can enjoy bits of the interview they gave at Strawberry Earth in my video.

The link of the trailer of the documentary:

People Tree

Strawberry Earth

After four years of studies at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute I have graduated within the field of ethical/sustainable fashion. After graduation I have decided to start up my own label, basically because I can’t find ethical fashion brands, which have more of a fashion sense. I think the key is to make sustainable fashion look good, and sexy in a way. It is easier to be said than done, so I have been working hard the past three month in order to achieve good looking sustainable fashion. In the video you will see a sneakpreview of the Spring/Summer 16 collection. Keep an eye on my blog and instagram page @denasimaite for more updates😉

Many friends ask me what I eat in a day on a vegan diet, and instead of explaining it each time I’ve decided to just make a video to show them and at the same time to inspire others. People often think you can’t enjoy good food on a vegan diet, but I must prove them wrong, because you really can! You can even have a juicy burger, pizza & (n)icecream and they are all cruelty free. The options of vegan food are growing, especially in Amsterdam, which is full of adorable vegan restaurants. One of them is Dophert, this restaurant offers a wide variation of fresh & healthy dishes and they even sell some vegan make-up & books. I was not sailing myself,  but I did visited the Sail Amsterdam from a distance, which was really beautiful too, I have created some footage of that too. But have a look for yourself in the video that I’ve created. Let me know what you think and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel Vegan Stories for more vegan goodness each week😉 Have a lovely week, X, Dena

The lovely weather in Amsterdam has inspired me and my friend Awura from The Black Fruit to do a video with our favourite summer looks of 2015. We both think it is a challenge to transform our old wardrobe into more sustainable and ethical fashion, so we try to buy either vintage or new sustainable fashion garments. However new sustainable fashion is not always as fashion forward as we would like it to be, therefore we created this video to inspire everyone who has difficulties creating nice looks with vintage/sustainable fashion. Hope you enjoy! Let us know which of the looks you liked the most.

Have a lovely day, XX, Dena